Customising a Position

To customise and configure a Position, follow these steps:

  1. Using the left side navigation menu, scroll to your organisation's name

  2. Click your organisation's name to go to your organisation's home page

  3. Click the team that includes the position you want to customise

  4. Click the pencil icon on the position you want to customise

  5. Click 'Update Position' when you've finished to confirm the changes.

Settings you can customise at Position level

  • Position label - the short label that shows on each position (for example: Software Engineer (label: SE1), Senior Software Engineer (label: SE2))

  • Position name - the name of the position

  • Position Track/discipline - the track the position sits in

  • Seniority level - the level the position sits in within the track

  • Description - a summary text field for the position (accepts rich text)

  • Salary - an area to share the salary bracket for the position (for a fixed salary leave the 'To' field empty)

  • Hiring link - an area to share a link to a career site or job advertisement for the position if you are currently hiring for this.

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