What is a position?

A position in Progression is a job or a role within in a team. Each position in a Progression framework should have its own Skills and Skill levels associated with it.

By illustrating the positions that make up your team as it is today or as you expect it to be in the future, you can give those who engage with your framework better visibility of how they might progress in that team.

For example, in the image above you can see the Product Design positions are outlined in a way that shows the seniority of each role. The tracks have been used to split the team's positions into Management (Design Management) and Individual Contributors (Product Design). In the 'Product Design' track, positions follow an order of seniority from Associate PD > PD > Senior PD > Lead PD.

You can have as many positions as you require and these can be named to reflect the naming conventions you have in your organisation currently.

Position labels (the small green PD1, PD2 labels) on each position can be edited or removed too. See our article 'Customising a Team' for more information on how to do this.

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