Actions on Progression help you to plan and schedule activities you want to complete to develop your skills.

Head over to your home page by clicking the Progression logo in the top left hand corner the screen.

Scroll down to 'Add your first Action'

From here, you'll be asked to

  • Add a description of the Action you want to complete

  • Choose a Skill or Skills that the Action is linked to

  • Select a date to complete the action by

You can add as many actions as you like. Once added, the actions will appear in a list. If you have multiple Actions, you can click View all to see every Action you have.

When you're ready to mark an Action as complete, you can hover over the circle next to the Action and click 'Complete action'.

When an Action is marked as complete, you will be prompted to add Wins for the Skills you have linked the Action to and be reminded of recent Check-in results.

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