An introduction to Wins

What are Wins?

A Win is an opportunity to log an achievement at work, either for yourself, or for someone else.

Why would you want to do this?

  • To help you build up a body of evidence as to how your skills are developing

  • To acknowledge and shout out an achievement

Wins to build up the evidence of your progression

We know that in the run up to a development conversation (or your Check-In as we call them at Progression) , it can be hard to remember all the things you’ve achieved to show how you’re moving forward. You can end up with a recency bias to the past few weeks, and probably can’t shake the feeling that you’ve just forgotten some great stuff you’ve done.

Wins is designed to allow you to capture these day-to-day achievements, and have them ready for your next Check-In.

When you have a great conversation, or a finish a project, do a presentation, drop a Win into your Progression profile, tag the skills it contributes to, and at your next Check-In it’ll all be there ready and waiting - no last minute evidence gathering required.

To make this even easier, we have a Slackbot plugin that allows you to capture Wins in Slack, and put them straight into Progression.

Wins as shout-outs

Wins can be used to help log someone else’s achievements. So if a peer has achieved something, and you want to let them know, send them a Win. They can then tag a skill and use it for their development, and maybe they’ll do the same for you.

Your manager can also use Wins as a way of logging things that they think you have achieved, and you could also log Wins for them - we’re all developing!

Wins for your ‘Happy Folder’

We all have good moments and bad moments at work. Sometimes we need to be reminded of how good we are. If you have a culture of logging Wins for yourself and others, you will build up a timestamped body of evidence of being great - a ‘happy folder’. And if you ever need it, you can look back and remind yourself of exactly how much you’ve achieved already.

We all have achievements. Make sure you log Wins, for yourself and other people, to evidence all the progress you are making, contribute to a positive business culture, and remind yourself how good you are at your job.

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