A Check-in is a simple three step process that you can use to measure your progress towards any position within your organisation.

The goal is to allow you and your manager to discover and agree on areas that you can focus on to grow towards your next milestone - whether that's deepening existing skills or learning new ones.

Completing a check-in

There are 3 stages required for each check-in.

Stage 1: Your check-in

A self assessment where you will choose how you feel you're progressing against each of the skills required for the position. You can write notes and select your progress from the options working toward, meeting or exceeding.

You will be able to view any published wins related to each skill to help you recall achievements as you record your progress.

Stage 2: Assessor's check-in

Your assessor will be asked to choose how they feel you're progressing against each of the skills required for the position. They have the option to view your answers or complete this stage without seeing what you recorded in stage 1.

Stage 3: Compare and agree

Together, you and your assessor will agree on your final check-in results and agree the next steps in developing these skills. You'll be able to record notes against each skill and an overview for the check-in.

Reviewing a completed check-in

Once completed, you will be able to view the data from the check-in and use our comparison features to visualise where skills could be developed to meet the requirements of other positions across your organisation.

In the example below, Jimmy's current position is Design Manager and this is the role the check-in has been completed against.

Jimmy can compare his check-in results with the Director of Design position using the drop down and see where any skills would require development.

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