Exporting users from Progression´╗┐

Click Admin > People > Export users > Export all users
´╗┐This will provide a CSV of all users within your org.

Amending a users status

Following the export, you can now make changes to the CSV to reflect each users status.

There are three different account statuses a user can have, which will need to be added to the 'account_active' column for each user.


Active users can log in and use the platform. You will be charged for each active user.


Pending users have not yet been sent an invited. They cannot log in and you will not be charged.


Archived users are no longer active, cannot log in. You will not be charged for archived users.

Remember, you will just need to add the word, without any symbols or additions. For example active users, the account_active column would just say Active

Once amended, you can then import and sync the users from the same page in Progression.

Importing users to Progression

Click Admin > People > Import and sync users

Importing and exporting FAQ's

What happens when I upload a CSV?

After you select a file, we'll show you a preview of the changes and you'll have a chance to review and understand any billing changes before you continue with the import.

What if I've not set my CSV up correctly?

If your CSV is formatted incorrectly, we'll let you know before doing any importing. If your CSV is formatted correctly but contains incorrect information, we'll still import it, so make sure your information is up to date and correct before uploading.

How will this affect my billing?

Any new active user that we create will add a paid seat to your account. If the total number of active users exceeds the number in your subscription, we'll bill you for any extra on a pro-rata basis. Of course, if you lower your total number of active users we'll also adjust your billing to reflect those changes.

Will any emails be sent?

Users who are created as active will receive an invitation email. You will receive a summary email once the import is complete.

Do I need to include existing employees?

Only if you want sync the user details. If an existing employee is not included we won't remove them. To remove employees, include them in the csv with the status Archived.

Which columns in the CSV are mandatory?

  • First Name, Last Name and email are required

  • position is optional, but in order to update it a team must also be added.

  • If the manager, position, team and account_active fields are blank or invalid in an upload, any existing values will remain. For new users account_active is required.

What if I include positions and teams that don't exist yet?

If we can't find a position or team that you've included, we'll still create the user but not assign them to a team or position yet. Once you've created those teams and positions, you can re-upload the CSV to add them.

What if I need to update an existing user's email address?

The email address is what we use to find the user. If you change an email address in the CSV, a new user with that email address will be created. Please make any changes to email addresses through the people page before uploading under the new email address.

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