Framework building can seem like a lonely task. Frameworks are big documents, with lots of detail and often a single person is given the task of doing them. Maybe you're a manager who wants one for your team and you are setting out on what seems like a Herculean task.

It shouldn't be a Herculean task, but that's what it seems like at the outset.

It may seem like the sensible thing to do is to lock yourself in a room, hash out every word, drink a lot of gin and then launch it to wild acclaim and complete agreement when it's perfect.

There are problems with this approach.

  • Your opinion about what 'good' looks like alone might not be shared by the team.

  • The time you take creating and then perfecting will leave a vacuum of 'it's coming soon' while you go through all the pain solo. People will become more frustrated and you will get demoralised by the size of the task.

  • It wont be truly representative of your team, and it wont have their buy in.

However, if you involve some or all of your team

  • It'll happen faster

  • It'll be of a higher quality as it will be truly representative of your team

  • There will be far less chance of team members rejecting it because they haven't had a chance to own or contribute to the process.

Every time we see managers empower their teams to help write the content and hash out the structure, it results in a quicker, better outcome with less risk of rejection. Get your team members involved early and often, and reap the benefits when you start using the framework.

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