There are several ways to invite people to your org.

1. your organization 'people' page

2. within an individual team

From there you can fill in the invite for to add people to any team in your organisation.

Please note: right now you have to also add users to teams – but you can remove them from teams or move them between teams after they're invited!

First add the person's name and email address. Make sure to use their company email if possible.

Next you can choose the settings they need.

  • Team and manager: Currently you have to choose a team, but manager is optional. Managers also have to be in teams right now.

  • Position (only when inviting from team page): Choose the position within the team that you're inviting the person to.

  • User can administrate: This gives this user the same access rights as you – namely visibility over everyone in the organization and the ability to invite people, view billing details and create teams and skills. Use with care!

  • Send invite email immediately: If you untick this, you can add the person to the organisation for planning purposes without them getting the invite straight away. Great for setting up reporting lines and team structures in advance. You won't be billed for non-invited users.

Once you've completed this form, you'll see your new user on your people page and in any team they've been put in.

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