By default when you create a team it will be set as a draft. You will be able to 'publish' your team at any point, and un-publish or 'set to draft' any teams that are currently published.

This allows you to create or iterate over your content over time without exposing it to your team

Who can see a draft team?

Draft teams can only be seen by:

  1. Anyone who is currently in that team

  2. Org admins

  • The team will be hidden on the homepage, in the top navigation and in any dropdown team selectors

  • Any positions on that team will be hidden and not selectable for new team members, in check-ins and in compare pages

  • Anyone currently on a position in that team will not be able to switch to a new position in that team, but will stay on their position if the team became a draft while they were on it.

Publishing a team

When you first create a team in Progression, it will be set to 'draft' — that means only you and other admins can see that it exists, check in against it or compare positions in other teams to positions in this draft team.

When you click 'publish', it gives the rest of the users in your organisation visibility over the team, including the ability to view people in their positions, compare positions and check in against them too.

Please note: If you don't see the publish button for the team you're in, that probably means that you're not an admin. Please ask to be made into the owner of that team or an organisation admin, or ask an admin to publish the team on your behalf.

Publishing does *not* make the team visible to the general public! To manage which teams are visible to non-logged in users, go to admin → settings → public views.

Making a team a draft

If ever you need to put a published team back into draft, head to the team settings (via the cog menu) and click the 'make draft' button in the settings page.

This will:

  • Remove the team from the list of teams for anyone who is neither an org admin nor on the team itself

  • Remove the ability for anyone to assign themselves to a position on the team (even existing members of the team)

  • Remove the ability for non admins or existing team members to

    • View positions on the team

    • Compare positions on the team

    • Check in against positions on the team

    • Compare an existing check-in to positions on the team

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