Whilst we have a skills library that is filled to the brim with awesome content, we appreciate that sometimes we might not have exactly what you're looking for.

If you already have your skills created elsewhere, you can always upload skills by CSV.

It's easy to build your own skills in Progression.

Follow our step by step guide below to get started.

  1. From the Progression skills page, select 'Create a skill'

  2. Name your skill (generally skill names will be one or two words)

  3. Select 'Create skill'

  4. You will now be able to add key details relating to the skill, such as description, skill levels, examples and an image.

  5. Once you are happy that you have captured all the key details for the skill, select 'save'.


The description field of a skill should be used to share what the skill entails. Don't forget to seek inspiration from the skills library to see how descriptions are used in our existing skills.

You can also use html tags when adding descriptions to help emphasise and order your content.

Skill levels

It's important to illustrate how a skill can develop over time with experience. Consider how the development of a particular skill might compare between an entry level role and a senior role within your organisation. Have a look at this Communication skill for example.


You want your skills to be demonstrable and for growth to feel achievable. Providing examples that are relevant to your organisation is really important to ensure that later discussions in check-ins or reflections on wins are productive and insightful.

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