Can I export my wins?

You can download your wins as a CSV file at any time. Simply head to your My Wins page and hit export

How often should I add wins?

That's completely up to you! We'd recommend adding wins as often as daily but really whenever you think you've done a good.

Setting a reminder in Slack is a useful way to make sure you are taking 10 minutes often to reflect on your wins.

How do wins interact with check-ins?

Wins can be accessed and used to support each check-in. You'll be able to see your recent wins against each skill during the check-in process. It's an easy way for you and your manager to be able to reference all your brilliant work and examples of using that skill easily.

Do I have to tag each win with a skill?

Yes - at the moment if you are in a position you have to tag each win with a skill.

Who can I create wins for and who has access to them?

You can create a win for yourself or anyone else in your organisation with a Progression account. If you want to recognise a co-worker for a stellar piece of work, thank your manager for their support in a tricky situation or give yourself a pat on a back for getting a tough piece of work over the line wins is a great way to record it.

You're able to edit or delete wins you've created so you can always come back and correct a typo or update a metric as things change.

The visibility of your personal wins (those you create for yourself) is up to you. You're able to create a private win or share them with your management line. You can edit the privacy status in the future so if you'd like to log a win and choose whether to share it at a later date that's totally possible! Wins for others will automatically be visible to the receiver and to their management line.

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