Who can view a check-in?

Check-ins can be viewed by the three types of user:

  • The check-in author. This is the person that initiated the check-in.

  • The check-in assessor. This is the person that does step 2 of a check-in, normally it is the author's manager.

  • The author's manager. This is the author's manger as configured on the team

  • The author's manager's manager. This enables a senior manager to view the progress of her / his reporting line.

Who can't view a check-in?

Anyone else, including:

  • Org admins

  • Team admins

  • Other team members

  • Other managers

Can I enable org admins to view check-ins?

Yes you can. Head over to your check-in settings page and enable "Allow org admins to view all check-ins".

What happens to completed check-ins if a position or skill changes?

Inevitably as you go along, the expectations of different positions and the definitions of the skills you use will need to be updated.

The good news is, nothing will change. Any check-ins will still exist, and any content that was required at the moment that the check-in was started will stay the same. (This is also true if any content changes while a check-in is in progress).

That means that your completed check-ins will always be snapshots of your skills against the expectations of your role at that moment in time, so no moving the goalposts.

You can safely change:

  • The content of a skill

  • Which skills are in positions

  • Which skills exist (you can fully delete skills)

  • The position that the person is in, and their manager

If you have any questions, please email us on support@progressionapp.com and we can help!

How can I export a check-in

You can export a check-in at any stage in the process. Find the overflow menu at the top of check-in, from here you can download a CSV file.

When can I skip skills in a check-in?

You can only skip a skill within a check-in if you have previously completed a check-in against that skill.

So the first check-in you complete will need to be a full check-in, you won't be able to skip any skills. If you move in to a new role or have new skills added to your current role you won't be able to skip those new skills.

Can I still comment as an assessor if a team member has skipped a skill in a check-in?

Yes! You'll still be able to comment and provide a rating on skills a team members skipped.

It'll be obvious in the joint review which skills each of you has skipped so everything is set up for an open discussion about your team members development.

What happens if I skip a skill in a check-in?

A check-in author can choose to skip skills during a check-in, when skipped we'll assume the previous rating from the last check-in still stands.

Assessors will have the chance comment on, or rate an author on skills they've chosen to skip but it should be clear within the UI which skills an individuals decided not to comment on during this cycle. You'll then both have the chance to comment or change things in the joint review when you're sat down together having that all important discussion!

Whilst your shape and summary will be complete remember skipped skills will mean we're assuming there's been no change since last time around.

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