SSO is an authentication standard that allows Progression to talk to your identity provider to determine whether a given user should be granted access. This means users no longer log in with passwords, instead they are routed via your identity provider (e.g. Okta or Google Workspace).

Directory Sync

Directory sync is responsible for provisioning, de-provisioning and updating your users on Progression based on the settings in your identity provider.

How can I enable SSO?

First things first, please contact us at to get started.

After we've answered any questions around the integration, we'll enable SSO for your account (which may incur a cost) you will then be able to carry out the integration.

The integration process is thoroughly documented with screenshots and instructions and can be done self-serve. Of course, if you would prefer we are happy to do short call to take you through the setup process.

How to get started

  1. Ensure SSO has been enabled for your account

  2. Ensure you have sufficient privileges in your identity provider to add new applications

  3. Go to your org settings page by selecting 'Admin' > 'Settings'

  4. Select 'SSO' > 'Provision SSO' > 'Create Connection' and follow on screen instructions. This will setup your SSO integration.

    Important: if using Google Workplace as a directory make sure you add the groups you wish to sync.

  5. Select 'Create Directory' and follow on screen instructions. This will setup your directory sync integration.

  6. You're all done! You may find you need to do a hard refresh, clear cookies or log in and out to regain access back to Progression.

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