How do I add multiple skill levels with the same level into a skill?

Say you want to add level 5 of a skill for your 'individual contributor' track, and then also add a different level 5 for your manager track, but within the same skill.

Right now, this isn't possible in Progression. There are two alternative ways of doing it (see below).

In the future we may introduce multiple level variants from within a skill. If this is preventing your from using Progression, please let us know on

Alternative options

Option 1. Add specific examples for managers (our preferred!)

Within the existing skill level, make the description generic enough to fit both manager and IC, and then in the 'examples' section create specific examples relating to the two roles. 

You don't have to create an entirely new skill from scratch, cutting down on the overhead.

Progression won't know whether someone checking in against that skill is good at the manager or the IC part of it.

Option 2. Create another skill for managers

Instead of another level, duplicate the skill and use that for your manager track instead.

You can define every aspect of the skill again, making the content exactly what you want

You now have two skills! A bit more to manage. Also it makes comparing a manager and IC role harder as they won't have the same skill to look at.

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