Who can view a check-in?

Check-ins can be viewed by the three types of user:

  • The check-in author. This is the person that initiated the check-in.
  • The check-in assessor. This is the person that does step 2 of a check-in, normally it is the author's manager.
  • The author's manager. This is the author's manger as configured on the team
  • The author's manager's manager. This enables a senior manager to view the progress of her / his reporting line.

Who can't view a check-in?

Anyone else, including:

  • Org admins
  • Team admins
  • Other team members
  • Other managers

Can I enable org admins to view check-ins?

Yes you can. Head over to your check-in settings page and enable "Allow org admins to view all check-ins".

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