Building a Custom Skill

It's easy to build a custom skill in Progression. From your organisation home, click the 'Create a skill' button to open a window allowing you to give your skill a name.

Once you've named your skill, your edit skill page should open. This allows you to add a description, image and your skill levels.

Each skill level has a description and optional examples. 

Adding Examples

You can add as many examples as you want - they'll be displayed as a bullet list below the description (in some areas they'll be hidden on first view).

Examples are optional but we recommend adding some – it helps anyone reading the skill to get a better understanding of what it might mean to be demonstrating that skill in practice, meaning they don't have to ask their manager for clarification.

Save the skill and add to a framework

Once you've created your skill, you can add it to as many teams as you'd like. Just head to any framework tab within a team and click 'Add skill' to see it listed alongside public skills and your other custom skills.

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