Creating your organization

The first time you use Progression as an admin without a team, you'll be invited to create your own organization. All billing, user management and permissions start on an organization level so it's important to make sure that you're creating your org with that in mind.

An organization in Progression is the same as your organization in real life – it should be named with the name of your company (for example 'Apple', not 'Design'). This means that if and when you want to add other departments, disciplines or business units to the app, you can do without creating another account.

Steps to get started 

(out of date? Please let us know! Our UI changes fast!)

Step 1: find your invite link and create your account

If you have a google account you'll be able to just click the google button. Progression will pull in your avatar from that account if it exists.

If you don't, or don't use google auth, you'll need to create a secure password. Adding a profile picture is optional.

Step 2: Create your org

Again this just needs the name to continue. Your org logo and hex code can be added later. Remember to name your org as the company name rather than the name of your team.

That's it, you're done! Now you can start creating teams and skills, or explore the sample team we've added for you to get a sense of how Progression works.

Here is a video of the signup process (correct as of November 2019) in full, including creating teams and skills.

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