Should I write my framework alone?

We strongly recommend that you don't write your framework alone. 

In fact it's one of the best things you can do to involve your team in this work upfront.

There are three reasons for this:

1. Better content

One person writing the expectations for an entire team of people will naturally lead to their biases and preferences making their way into the whole team's ways of working. Like it or not, you're biased – whether to particular skills and working styles, personalities or even other factors like race, age and gender.

To ignore the experiences of your team and impact your words could have on them is running the risk that you may be discriminating in ways you don't intend to.

2. Better reception

If everyone feels they've had input into their Progression Framework, they'll be more engaged with measuring themselves against it. It will also make it easier to roll out if people have been able to have a say, so aren't surprised or feel the goalposts have shifted.

3. Less overwhelming (it might actually get finished!)

Defining these skills is a fairly large task, and many hands make light work. Don't let your framework die as a half-finished spreadsheet, and empower your team to help. Believe us, they'll have loads of energy for the task.

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