What questions do I need to ask myself upfront?

OK, I know I need to build one of these things. But where do I start?

Getting started building a Progression framework isn't the simplest of processes. There are many variables and things to think about, from the reaction of your team and the skills you need to include to how you keep on managing your framework once it's rolled out.

The first thing you're going to want to do is write down exactly why it feels important to do this now. It may be that you want to move the team from a flat structure to more heirarchical (introducing a variety of job titles). It may be that your team have mentioned to you either casually or through a pulse survey that they don't feel like they're progressing at work.

Whatever your reasons are, keep them in the top of your mind. Ultimately the success of your framework will come down to how well you meet those needs, whether they're yours or your team's (or maybe multiple teams in your company).

Because these needs require slightly different approaches, we'll aim to answer them all across multiple docs. If there's a question you're missing, please do let us know! We'll keep adding to these docs as we go.

Further reading

Jonny spoke at Jam London in October 2019 about exactly this challenge. You can watch the video of his talk below. You can also read a post he wrote preceding that talk here.

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